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Bodyguard hottie Sebastien Jondeau is Karl Lagerfeld’s secret lover…?

So after doing slot of my own research and talking it over with some of my fagulous ladies, I have come to the conclusion that Karl Lagerfeld’s model / bodyguard is also his credit card romance ‘du jour’. Now, I know what you’re thinking: who the hell is Sebastien Jondeau and why do we care? I mean, of course basically every male fashion designer is as gay as the rainbow, with the exception of such notables as Osacr de la Renta, so really what’s new?. Well the reason I care is because Sebastien Jondeau appears to be the closest person in Karl’s life. And for Karl, that’s a very big deal, in a very long career.

For all my fashionistas out there, you know that Karl is a very solitary man. You could throw him on a deserted island, and as along as there’s a pencil, drawing paper, and chiffon in plentiful quantities, he could easily live alone for the rest of his life without a single worry. Don’t take my word for it; just watch his auto-documentary “Lagerfeld Confidential” and you’ll see he cares for few people and loves the single, lonely life just fine.

That said, it could all be a front for the real truth: that Karl’s bodyguard, Sebastien Jondeau, who also has strutted his sexy soccer legs across many Chanel catwalks, is indeed his secret ‘amour’. Could Karl be lovestruck by Jondeau? Can Karl love anyone but his own work?

While Jondeau may be a very sexy ‘jack of all trades’, his relationship with Karl has no doubt boosted his career. He may have also instilled a lot of heat into Karl’s little cold German heart.

That said, it might be much to do about nothing. Given Karl’s very pragmatic approach to life, I would not be the least bit surprised to find out years later that Karl had an open relationship with Jondeau, e.g. Jondeau could sleep with other people, but that in exchange for a life of glamour and runways, Jondeau returns the favor to Karl with a little “bite-your-tongue-senior-citizen-lovin'” 😉

At Karl’s age, I would have no qualms about paying for my romance. You can’t buy love but you can certainly “pay-to-play”.


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Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull goes to cities we only dream of : St. Tropez, Portofino, St. Bart’s

So stick this in your Fashion Fedora full of rumors: it is said from high up sources that Louis Vuitton is on a global jet-set campaign to produce exclusive handbags for some of its highest-class locales.

So far, Louis Vuitton has produced and sold out of it’s limited run “St. Tropez Neverfull” which was only available at the rue Francois Sibelli boutique in lovely St. Tropez France. I know what you’re thinking: you wouldve gone and gotten one but you just didn’t have the time, I mean with your very busy summer schmoozing schedule in the Hamptons and of course, Diddy’s White Party.

Fret not fashionistas, for eBay is your friend. You too can own a piece of St. Trop’ and get your Neverfull St. Tropez on eBay for a mere $3000+. Think that’s too much? Well, just take into consideration the price of hotel, airfare, and the cost of the bag before you roll your eyes 😉

You can also snag the St. Tropez Neverfull below directly from Karen’s website for $3995.


Next up on the jet-set boutique trail, Louis Vuitton may soon be launching the limited edition Neverfull signature bag in Portofino, Italy and St. Bart’s.

Unfortunately, you most likely will need to go to the boutique to buy these bags, so no transfers will be possible. Time to cash in those frequent flyer miles before the summer is over 😉

Wanna go to NYC Fashion Week for free?

Given our audience, it’s almost silly to even ask the question. That’s said, I am overly excited to report that is giving away a free, all expenses paid trip for two to NYC Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009 this upcoming September. You and a guest will be hobnobbing it with other celebs on the runway, while us poor folks watch idly outside in the cold, crowded streets in front of Bryant Park.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit The Cut and click on the giveaway.

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Marc Jacobs marriage rumors false…for now [updated]

So the rumor mill is saying that Marc Jacobs has married boy-toy Brazilian Lorenzo Martone (he’s definitely “muito quente”!) in Paris, France.

Here’s why that rumor is flat out false:

Unlike Massachusetts, California (for now), Canada, Holland and Argentina, you cannot be gay and get legally married in France.

That said, it is now said that MJ and his Latinboy-bottom (or top for that matter) are heading to Ibiza for a much needed vacay. Thenafter, MJ plans on heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil to open his first Marc Jacobs boutique in Latin America.

On the other side of the Atlantic, former rent-boy Jason Preston has been left out in cold. Currently his MySpace page says it all, with obvious inneudos to his break up from his former sugar daddy, MJ. While one might feel sympathetic with Jason, his often overly confident attitude makes one feel less impusled to take any pity on him.

MJ looks like he’s finally met a nice guy that is genuinely in to him. If that rumor is true, then this rumor-monger is definitely the first to raise a toast to MJ’s newfound love. I mean, who doesn’t love LVOE?


[Updated 7/29] Well the reports from Fashion Daily now insinuate that MJ may have gotten “Pax-ed”, or delared a civil union, which in France is only useful for tax and lodging reasons. It carries little or none of the privileges normally associated with Civil Unions or marriages. I don’t really believe the rumor at this point and will hold off judgment until we have more juicy details to tell.

Madonna is not looking great

She’s just having a bad day folks….