Marc Jacobs marriage rumors false…for now [updated]

So the rumor mill is saying that Marc Jacobs has married boy-toy Brazilian Lorenzo Martone (he’s definitely “muito quente”!) in Paris, France.

Here’s why that rumor is flat out false:

Unlike Massachusetts, California (for now), Canada, Holland and Argentina, you cannot be gay and get legally married in France.

That said, it is now said that MJ and his Latinboy-bottom (or top for that matter) are heading to Ibiza for a much needed vacay. Thenafter, MJ plans on heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil to open his first Marc Jacobs boutique in Latin America.

On the other side of the Atlantic, former rent-boy Jason Preston has been left out in cold. Currently his MySpace page says it all, with obvious inneudos to his break up from his former sugar daddy, MJ. While one might feel sympathetic with Jason, his often overly confident attitude makes one feel less impusled to take any pity on him.

MJ looks like he’s finally met a nice guy that is genuinely in to him. If that rumor is true, then this rumor-monger is definitely the first to raise a toast to MJ’s newfound love. I mean, who doesn’t love LVOE?


[Updated 7/29] Well the reports from Fashion Daily now insinuate that MJ may have gotten “Pax-ed”, or delared a civil union, which in France is only useful for tax and lodging reasons. It carries little or none of the privileges normally associated with Civil Unions or marriages. I don’t really believe the rumor at this point and will hold off judgment until we have more juicy details to tell.


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